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Full Stack Development Intern

We’re always looking for motivated students who’re passionate in what they do. You are eager to learn and we can trust you with our actual client work. You will do this together with our team for a varied and wide range of assignments. You’ll be working on projects for both the American, European, and Asian markets.

Who we are

We are a creative production company that partners with global brands striving to make authentic connections. We’re not just here for the awards (though they are nice), we’re here to make cutting-edge stunners that last, surprise, and solve the problem.

This isn’t art-for-art’s sake or tech-cause-it’s-trendy, this is about redefining the interactive space. We believe a talented, agile team and a fresh, insightful approach is how you elevate the field, get noticed and stand above the noise.

Who you are

You ideally have a portfolio that doesn’t exist out of just school assignments.

As a front-end intern at Weichie, you’ll help shape creative projects within a team of talented developers and creatives, such as yourself.

You have front programming skills. You will help design, build and maintain scalable applications and webshops.

You believe in the quality of code. You should know how to balance your own high standards of code quality with the problems you are solving and external constraints like how time-sensitive it is or the impact it will have.

You like solving problems. You are happy working through difficult technical problems and solving them in straight-forward ways. If you don’t know the answer immediately, you will be comfortable digging into the problem until you figure it out and know when it’s time to ask the right point to ask for assistance.

You love working in a team with all the other talents in the studio — #teamplayer.

Your Mission

Under the supervision of our technical director, you will join the developers team within the studio and contribute to the conception/realization of our digital productions, pre-production and final delivery.

You have an eye for detail in visual design and a clean code structure.

Terms & Conditions

Start date: October 2021
Location: De Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels. Belgium or Remote work
Please, verify that you actually meet the requirements written above before applying for the job.

To apply, send your resume + portfolio to jobs@weichie.com.
In the object email, please write “internship application”.