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Free Web Design Review.

We have a passion and unconditional love for websites and web designs. Because of the current circumstances, we try to help as many companies as possible and understand that not everyone can invest in a new website or online shop.

But… we can still have a look at your website! We’d love to actually. Maybe your current website is not that bad and with a few quick tips, you can have it running better & faster for a few more years.

Your website review is completely free and we will have a 20-min look at your website. We will send you quick changes you or your developer can do with ease.

This is what you may expect from your review:

First impression

Our website audit will start immediately when we click the link to your website. It’s kind of the most important aspect of your website and we can’t do a first-impression twice.

We’ll cover user flow, consistency, mobile, navigation setup, UX, Call-to-action placements, overall look & feel, …

Website Structure

A solid base for your website structure is important. Not only just for the user to navigate with ease, but it also improves SEO and enables you to extend your current website with extra updates in the future. Examples of this are the use of deep-nested pages, post/product filter, and the correct use of post types.

We’ll cover menu setup (primary, secondary), page nesting (post types – parent pages – child pages, …), URL structures, Page content, Translations, …

Security & Performance

Last but not least, your website needs to be secure and fast. Security and page speed actually play a bigger role in your sites SEO than you think. Nowadays website performances can’t be underestimated because of the growth in site visits over a mobile (not always stable) network. Nobody likes to ‘wait’ on your website.

We’ll cover HTTPS issues (in 2020, still a more common issue than you think), leaked console/plugin messages, page-requests, bundles, mobile speed tests, spam index, …

Get your free site audit now!

We only need the URL to your website, but feel free to send along a few instructions if you have them. Keep in mind we only have one shot for a first impression. You can expect our website audit through email.

You only apply if your company is based in Belgium.

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What can you expect from the review?

Free Website Audit

  • Will take around 20 minutes
  • 3 – 5 pages reviewed
  • Design
    • First impression
    • UX User-flow & consistency
    • CTA Placements
  • Structure
    • URL structure
    • Page nesting
    • Page speed
    • Translations
  • Security
    • Security issues
    • Leaked network events
    • Leaked logs

Deep Website Audit

  • Takes more than 20 mins
  • As many pages as you want
  • Same as the free audit tier
  • SEO Audit
    • Page setup (content, keywords, link-network, …)
    • Image optimization
    • SEO comparison with your competitors
    • Suggested tips & tricks

Contact us for a deeper website review.