Is coronavirus harming your business? A few ideas to stay in the loop! -

Updated on oktober 30, 2020


Is coronavirus harming your business? A few ideas to stay in the loop!

If you’ve made changes to your daily business operations as a result of the recent developments concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19), you should inform your customers about this. It’s a minimal effort that your clients will appreciate.

Corona virus

As it looks like we’ll be here for a while, you can close your business, post it on facebook and leave it like that. Your customers know your store is closed and you’ll just post again when you’re about to reopen.

Besides the part that not everyone will see your post, a lot of customers want to check again later, to see if something changed yet. Are you planning on reopening soon? Accepting private appointments? Selling stuff online? Only take on smaller jobs? …

We recommend that you take at least one of the following actions, not only for your business, but also for your clients!

Communicate & inform your clients!

The following changes can be made on any platform. Most recommended is updating your Google Business Profile, but make sure all social media channels are on the same page! If you make an update on Google my business, make the same update on your website, facebook page, instagram profile, …

Did your opening hours change due to coronavirus?

Don’t forget to inform your customers if your opening hours have changed. It might be that you’re opening much longer, due to the fact that you’re only allowed to serve a limited amount of customers at once. Or maybe you swapped from 5 days a week to just 2 days a week?

If you’re still in business, make sure your clients know!

Update your company description

When clients look up your business, your company description is the first thing they’ll see. Whether it’s on facebook or in Google search results. You have room to use this description for breaking news about your business regarding the coronavirus.

Update the description with any changes, even if they’re only temporarily!

Make a post, vlog or online podcasts

A blog post, facebook post, instagram story, … Share more detailed and timely updates about your business through times like these. Share acts of kindness or some funny or interesting posts that’ll give people a chance to still interact with your business.

Share tips about how people can practice your service at home. How they can treat their hair & nails themselves, how they can stay healthy at home, how they can amuse their kids for 4 weeks in quarantine, how to make small in-house repairs, …

Create a vlog that people can watch (now that they have the time), call with customers and create a podcast, start with online courses, launch a pre-order website for when you’ll be open again, …

Let your customers know you’re still active!

Make sure your contact info is still up to date

Please, please, please make sure all contact information about your business is still up-to-date! It’s possible that you’ve created your website or facebook profile a while ago and never changed anything. Now is the time for you to bring it back up. Having outdated or wrong contact details can actually harm your business. I bet this is something you don’t want right now.

Make sure people can reach out to you!

Temporarily shift your business

It’s possible your current services can’t continue during the corona lockdown in your country. But maybe you can shift your business? Delivery services are still going strong! If you have a bar or a restaurant, register on (Belgium), Deliveroo (Europe), Seamless (USA), UberEats (Global), … and offer adjusted take-out menus.

If you’re selling products or services, offer them online. You can sell products through facebook and instagram or create a simple online store. There might be a chance you will just keep the store after the corona outbreak!

Offer online vouchers, gift-cards, combo deals with other partners, corona-specials, … You can go crazy on those things and they will sell right now! When you need it the most.

If you can stay active, please do!

There are so many ideas to stay in the loop with your business during the coronavirus outbreak. I just gave a few examples of the businesses I could think of. Maybe you can come up with some other original ideas to stay active? It won’t be possible for everyone, but you can try to find a way.

Please feel free to reach out if you’ve got any questions. I can provide online advice or help you with updating your website or social media.

Stay safe, stay strong!

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