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Web Design Services Brussels
Mobile Web Design Brussels

Web design agency in New York

Accelerating business growth through elegant web design and strategic e-commerce solutions.

Website design is the base of a strong strategy that details clear brand goals and a surefire way to achieve them. Creative success isn’t accidental. It’s the product of researched planning and forward-thinking strategies that simplify and clarify.

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  • Creative Design

    Our specialized professionals ensure that your project runs smoothly according to the rules of the art. On every browser, across all devices.

  • Fast & efficient

    Performance has more impact on your website than you might think. It is important for user experience and has a great impact on SEO.

  • Not your average agency

    Weichie acts as a strategic partner to your brand: we align ourselves with your business goals to tell your brand’s story and drive growth.

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Web Design Agency Brussels

We don’t just build websites, we create flawless digital experiences for forward-thinking brands in New York City. Standing out from the competition when it comes to web design, creative content, and growth optimization, we are passionate about what we do best — growing your business in the digital world!

  • Customer Experience & Web Design

    A customer-first approach.

    Our team will collaborate with you to elevate your brand and provide a seamless user-flow. We utilize UX audits, SEO & behavior analytics to produce data-driven and on-brand creative solutions.

    • UX Audits
    • User-flow
    • Visual Design
    • Creative Directions
    • Branding & Strategy
    • Prototyping
    • Style Guides
    • Customer Research
  • Technology & Web Development

    Our technology stack

    We use powerful and popular platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, Klivayo, Yotpo and many more. We will work alongside your team and evaluate the platforms so we can come up with the best solutions for your business.

    • Web Development
    • Platform Evaluation
    • Tech-stack (headless, Vuejs, SPA, Server, …)
    • WordPress CMS / Drupal / Shopify / …
    • Replatform & Migrations
    • Solution Architecture
    • Omnichannel Strategy
    • CI /CD Integration
    • API Integrations to connect with external platforms
  • Content Creation & SEO Strategy

    Helping your brand communicate with your customers through the digital world.

    Beautifully designed websites need engaging and impactful content, from lifestyle and product photography to brand videos and copywriting. Weichie delivers on-brand and high-quality content to engage with your audience.

    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Professional Copywriting
    • Translations
    • Content Strategy
    • SEO Keyword research & planning
    • SEO Competition analysis
  • Optimization & Support

    Consulting and on-going support to maximize profitability.

    We’ll always be here for you! We offer flexible solutions for different budgets: from general maintenance to high-growth and dedicated support.

    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Email Marketing Strategies
    • AB Testing
    • Analytics & Heatmapping
    • Google Tag Manager / Facebook Pixel / Google Ads / …
    • Web Design & Development Support
    • Web Consulting

Web Design Value

  • CMS of choice

    WordPress, Drupal, CraftCMS or headless. We'll develop your website on the platform that will best fit your needs or on a platform you're most comfortable with.

  • User Flow

    Best-practice user experience funnels will guide your visitors through your website with ease.

  • API Integrations

    We can extend the services of your website by connecting your site with external APIs such as booking platforms, payment terminals, CRM integration, ...

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Our Web Design Process

Together we'll find the best digital solution for your business.

  • 1
    Web Design Planning

    Planning & Strategy

    Meet us in our New York City office or we’ll be happy to come to you. We start with a brainstorm session and dive deep into your business to learn more about your goals. Not only about what you want, but also what your clients actually need.

    • Kickoff meeting
    • Brainstorm cloud
    • Solution architecture
    • Integration planning
    • Sitemap & Content mapping
    • Timeline planning
  • 2
    Web Design and Development

    Web Design & Development

    Our designers will craft on-brand and pixel perfect wireframes, optimized for conversions on both desktop and mobile, prior to breaking ground on development. The developer will work side by side with the designer to make sure everything is built perfectly.

    We follow best practices for SEO, page speed, cross-device compatibility, usability and development pipelines.

    • UX/UI design mockups
    • WordPress/Shopify Development
    • GDPR & Anysurfer testing
    • SEO & page speed optimization
    • Data migration
    • API Integrations
  • 3
    Web Design Migration

    Deployment & Support

    During development, your project is already visible on a private Weichie development server. Here you can follow the progress on your project and give live feedback on what you see. We can deploy your project to our own live servers or to a server of your choice.

    • Demo Server
    • QA Testing
    • Deployment to live environment
    • DNS & caching setup
    • 301 redirect setup
  • 4
    Web Design SEO Strategy

    Growth & SEO Optimization

    Our Agency acts as a strategic partner for long term business growth. We’ll monitor analytics and website performance to ensure your brand is growing. Our team will align with your goals, design/development support, website updates, SEO strategies and email marketing.

    • Monthly support and maintenance
    • Analytics, security, and performance reporting
    • SEO strategies & follow-up
    • Agency Consulting

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