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We craft innovative, digital solutions for your business that help you communicate with your clients in both Vilvoorde and the digital world.

As a strategic partner, we build websites, interactive experiences, and eCommerce solutions for forward-thinking brands. Making your brand grow in an ever-changing business environment. Pick the digital services you need and we come up with creative strategies that will adapt to your reality.

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Digital Agency Near Vilvoorde

We’re a young, energetic web design agency near Vilvoorde. We have a co-working space in Brussels, but some of us live in Vilvoorde and are more than happy to come by! Working close to home is something we can all appreciate.

Feel free to ask us a list of projects for our clients based in Vilvoorde. Maybe you’ll recognize them!

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Make Your Business Shine Online

We love each and every client of ours and like to ‘match’ our success directly with our client’s success. If you’re looking for a new website, a new webshop, want to gain more conversions or have a bigger outreach. We make sure you’ll do it in style!

We discuss your business goals and wishes upfront and come up with creative strategies that will adapt to your reality. We don’t just build a shiny new website, we make sure your audience will notice!

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Losing too much time on your website?

A website is a beautiful and powerful tool, but if you lose hours every week just to make a few updates… You’re doing it wrong. We make your website completely customizable and you won’t be able to break it by accident. On top of that, your website will look exactly as you want it to be!

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Web Design Vilvoorde A deeper insight on our expertise.


Are you spending too much time trying to keep your website up to date? We will advise and support you where necessary and make sure you can focus on your business and not on the tech!


A webshop is a beautiful piece of technology. You can start off building your own store on Shopify or Wix, but the eCommerce business is far too competitive to take this adventure alone.


As mentioned before, we don’t just build fancy websites. We make sure your audience can find you. A shiny website is a great nice-to-have bonus, but conversion rates and traffic is what we need!

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What we do

Web Design & Development

Mirroring your quality services and products to an online experience for your customers is what we do. Make your visitors recognize your brand online and gain there trust. We’re sure you offer amazing customer service to your clients… Don’t give them a hard time on your website.

Your first impression matters! Turn first-time visitors who’re just looking around into customers and maybe we can even make them ambassadors. Having a fluent and amazing website will give you a higher chance your customers will unconsciously share your brand online.

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What we do


The power of eCommerce is even in 2020 still highly underestimated so here it is again: The internet never sleeps! Your online store will operate 24/7, worldwide – if you ship to those countries at least.

Do you already have a webshop but is it draining your time? Get in touch and we dig deeper into the automation of your business. Sync your online store automatically with your physical store, automate label printing & shipping fulfillment, link customer service platforms, and much much more.

A beautifully designed webshop is just the start of your online adventure!

More about eCommerce

How unique is your website?

Are you using a free or prepaid Shopify or WordPress theme? 91% of your website visitors are more likely to convert with brands that provide a unique experience. Using a website template your users also have seen somewhere else, gives them a harder time remembering your brand.

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What we do

SEO Marketing

It’s all about the numbers! What’s the point of having a great website, when nobody can find it? A clean design is actually a nice to have. Performance, service integration, ease of use, and your visibility in Search Engines are the things that will put your name on the map!

A clean, professional design increases the user-flow and experience. Definitely for content-heavy websites. It’s not about getting people on your website, it’s getting people directly to the content they’re looking for. If not, they bounce. Here’s what we offer:

  • Market Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Listing
  • Local, on-site and off-site strategy
  • Result Reporting
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Passionate about what we do

You love your business, we love websites. A perfect match for Search Engine Optimization. We don’t just build websites because you pay us to do so. We make sure your passion and knowledge are strongly visible online. You can help a local customer with their question, but with the same answer, you can also help a thousand others online. Resulting in more traffic to your website and improving your digital brand presence the right way.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t a topping that you can just pour on top of your website when you feel like it. It’s a base ingredient that requires passion and love for what you do.

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Looking for a digital agency in Vilvoorde?

“Look no further” would be too cliché, so contact us and decide for yourself! Deciding for someone else would be greatly appreciated as well if we have amazed you with our services. Every project is unique and we’re happy to brainstorm with you.

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Web design Vilvoorde We're here to help!


Align your brand identity with your website and amaze even your competitors


Web design services often involve branding as well. When you can align your branding with your website, you’re already ahead of the competition! If branding is required, this will be the first step in the process. Branding goes way beyond digital and is the direct image of your business.


We make sure your website is secure and up-to-date behind the scenes.


We’re here for you! Launching a new product over the weekend or at night? A simple WhatsApp text or call away and we’ll guide you where necessary. You will receive a monthly report to prove we’re actually working behind the scenes and not just talking that we will.

Third-Party Integrations

A new website doesn’t mean you need to give up your favorite tools!


Are you using external platforms for your business? We can integrate your website with (most of) your preferred platforms. This way you won’t need to manage your content or products on multiple platforms, reducing the chance of forgetting something.

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Accelerating business growth through elegant web design and strategic SEO solutions.

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