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Hosting you can rely on to make your website, small or large, perform at it’s best. From Single page applications, eCommerce shops or high-performing websites. Including all the things a server is best at.

I’ve seen many clients asking me for help to optimise their website that’s using plugins you don’t need. Securing your website with plugins is not the right way. Let the server fix those things for you. It’s faster, more secure and most of all.. Always up-to-date by default.

When launching your new project, I also leave you with a staging environment and a live environment. This way we always have a live backup & can I build new features on the go. Without down-time for your live website. It’s our sort of playground, without your clients knowing what exciting new features we’ve planned for them.



Daily backups up to 14 days back. For your main website, staging site or any side project you want to launch.



Spam filters, anti-virus, General rootkit protection, XML-RPC abuse protection, WordPress brute-force protection, …

Your personal cloud

Your personal cloud

A technical person? Our servers provide Secure Shell acces, DNS management, Emailing, caching solutions, subsites and much more.

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