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The Weichie Projects

As a web developer, I can’t help myself from experimenting with new technologies and figuring out new ways to develop things. Most projects are small, fun projects for learning purposes. Some projects I made together with someone else, and other projects are even for sale to everyone.

My freelance business started under the name WeichieProjects. Now I’ve decided to continue my freelance service under the name Weichie. All the side-projects I develop, including my freelance work, will fall under the official company name WeichieProjects Ltd.

  • Angularjs, Laravel,, Bootstrap


    A real-time cash register for sport clubs and other organizations. A project I've built together with Yame.

  • Vuejs, Axios, Tailwind, public API's


    Listing country information with ISO-codes, region, population, currencies, time-zones, flags and much more. This one is built to learn Tailwind CSS and API integrations

  • React, Wordpress API v2


    A collection of all my award-winning projects. It uses the Wordpress API of my regular website and is rendered to the front-end using Reactjs.

  • React, Firebase, Google Maps API, geolocation


    Inspiration for this project came while I was working in New York. It's a react application to keep track of all the restaurants I loved the most.

  • Laravel, jQuery, API integration


    A GemShop synchronization with Shopify. Project built together with friend & colleague Yame.

  • React, Firebase

    React Chat

    What better way to learn React than with a classic chatroom? User authentication & real-time chat updates with react and the firebase realtime database.