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CFÉ Belgium

CFÉ is a young lifestyle & fashion label founded by Tonya Schamp. She links each coffee flavor to a personality to express her love for fashion. The focus of CFÉ is to inspire, empower, and support creatives and young entrepreneurs.

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CFE Belgium by Tonya Schamp

CFÉ is a young lifestyle & fashion label founded by Tonya Schamp. Combining coffee types with streetwear clothing. Only available online and dropping limited editions, but you can end up in one of her pop-up stores… If you’re lucky to find one.

A full-service Shopify store with all the necessary integrations like label printers, shipping partners, Social media sales channels, Google Ecommerce Trackers, Mailchimp Subscriptions, …

The project received Honorable Mention on Awwwards in the eCommerce category.


Design, Development, Maintenance, Consultancy



Awards & Mentions

Awwwards Honorable Mention, FireArt: top 2019 e-commerce trends, Inspirational Design by DesignYourWay

cfe tonya mas and laura tesoro cfe matcha drop by tonya schamp


CFE Founder, Tonya Schamp

Tonya Schamp is a young, energetic entrepreneur from Belgium. She started her own clothing brand CFE Belgium back in 2018 and grew it out to a successful, international business. Tonya loves coffee and matches coffee flavors to clothing pieces. Currently, CFE is dropping one-time limited edition pieces only, so make sure to subscribe if you want one!

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Limited Edition

CFÉ Belgium drops limited edition clothing pieces only. Make sure to leave your email on if you’re interested to buy one or just browse around. If you’re lucky, you can catch Tonya and the CFÉ crew teasing the latest pieces on their social media channels.

Laura Tesoro x Tonya Schamp

CFE Collab

Earlier this year there was a collab between Tonya and Laura Tesoro about Laura’s latest album release: LIMITS. The collection was only available through the CFE Webshop and through a one-time physical pop-up shop in Antwerp.

Award Winning Web Service

Tonya needed a professional webshop to be able to sell her clothing. We redesigned her Shopify webshop, made it more professional and clean looking. Easy to access on all devices and the website does what Tonya wants. The site won Honorable Mention on Awwwards and got used as an example site in a summary of FireArt Studio as top eCommerce design examples in 2019!

Tonya can now focus for 100% on her business, while we take care of the technology!

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