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haha. By AverageRob

Haha. is the personal clothing brand of Average Rob. You might know him for his Youtube videos, his work on the radio, or from his famous photoshop artwork.

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Average Rob has launched his own brand! Rob is known for not taking life too seriously and reflects this in his clothing. Haha. by Average Rob is now available worldwide through the webshop.


Template design, Shopify Development



Celebrating the haha collection

Average Rob’s main goal is to make people lauch. Even when he’s launching his own clothing brand – shop haha. – he want to make you launch. They shot some awkward pictures to celebrate the launch of their haha collection.

Client Needs

Average Rob was looking for a complete new Shopify store. Clean and professional. He wanted to let people know he takes his personal brand very seriously. However he still shot funny product-shots, Shop Haha. is here to stay. With Weichie, he found the perfect digital partner for his webshop on both the launch and the ongoing support when he needs something extra.

The shop is built on Shopify because he already had a Shopify account. (and it’s our favorite platform for eCommerce development). This makes it easy for Rob to edit the pages on his website as well as edit, add or remove products in the future. During development Rob asked to make the templates as flexible as possible, so he’s able to edit all pages the way he wants it.

What we did

We mainly did development for this project. Rob told us which designs he liked and we took care of the rest. Besides the scrolling ‘marquee’ text on the pages, there isn’t any animation added to the website. A simple, clean, and professional-looking webshop. Just how we love to make them!

Discover Shop haha.