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Human Rights Centre

The Human Rights Centre at the Faculty of Law and Criminology at Ghent University is an academic centre specialized in human rights law.

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The Human Rights Centre website is a project under Ghent University. The site brings on overview of the members of the Human Rights Centre and on what researches they are working on. Every research is related to one or more members in the Centre.

Besides promoting the research, the site gives a clean overview of what the Human Rights Centre actually is, what they do and for who. They host different events organized by themselves or by partner organizations.

The website also uses an external API to pull their publications. All publications are published by UGent on their Biblio platform. The publications are pulled into the Human Rights Centre website using Axios and Vuejs.


Logo, Design, Development & API integrations



human rights website project human rights website project

A dynamic team of international researchers

The Human Rights Centre is a dynamic team of international professors and researchers. Each specialized in their own field of human rights and justice. They have more than 50 members and you can filter the page based on a researchers name or on the field they specialize in.

The members all have their own profile page, that displays contact information, a short bio, and additional information like the researches they’re working on or have worked on in the past. Their personal page automatically pulls their publications from Biblio, so they don’t need to publish their articles on multiple platforms.

Client Needs

The Human Rights Centre was looking for a fresh design and an easier way to update the content on the website. Their old site was created with page-builders and not everything they wanted to do was possible that way. An intuitive design was required for the users to find what they were looking for. Is the visitor looking for a professor, specific research, events or simply want to check their courses for next semester?

Visitors can start their journey on the website by selecting a panel on the homepage. The different sections on the website are internally linking to each other. Making it easy for the user to follow the research of a specific professor. Every professor is linked automatically with their researches, their publications, their events, and their courses.

human rights website project human rights website project


A content-heavy website like this requires easy user-flows. By making relationships between all different post-types it makes it easier for the visitors to navigate the website, but makes it also easier for the Human Rights Centre itself to keep their content up-to-date.

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