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Naomi Whittel

Naomi Whittel is an entrepreneur, leading nutritional and keto diet expert, New York Times best-selling author of Glow15, and author of the new book- High Fiber Keto.

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Naomi Whittel is an entrepreneur, leading nutritional and keto diet expert. Naomi is a health specialist and tries to bring you the best of nature and science from all around the world.

Besides the main Naomi Whittel webshop, she runs additional Naomi Whittel brands like Simply Good Fats and OMI Skin Nutrition.


Shopify templating & custom solutions with Shopify App Development


naomi website

Naomi Whittel Brands

The Naomi Whittel website is running a webshop on Shopify Plus. The website is custom themed and Weichie comes in to extend the webshop templates and run additional maintenance tweaks here and there to increase the overall webshop conversion rate.

Custom Shopify Solutions

Besides templating the webshop, Weichie also provides custom Shopify solutions when you’re in need of extra automation or integrations on your system. The Naomi website is currently extended with an automatic tagging system for recurring orders, to better target their audience. In addition, we also included a bridge between Shopify and their current fulfillment center app to make sure all orders with double or more shipping profiles could be fulfilled correctly.