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Nicole Lapin

Nicole Lapin, empowering women to take control of their money, life and career through books, e-courses, events and how-to videos.

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This project was made in-house for Night Owls.

For this project I mainly consulted for the javascript based animations and best-practices for page setups. Most animations in this project are scroll-based animations. Meaning the page will feel more interactive while you scroll through the pages.

Nicole Lapin also offers online courses on her web platform. As I already had experience with Oracle School (another project for Night Owls), I helped with the setup for her online platform as well.


Website development, maintenance, API integrations, animation, online course platform

nicole lapin website project nicole lapin balance school

#1 NYT Bestselling Author, Money Expert and Speaker

Nicole Lapin is an American television news anchor, author, and businesswoman. She is known for being an American news anchor on CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg. She is The New York Times bestselling author of Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch. In September 2019 she released Becoming Super Woman, a 12-step plan to go from burnout to balance.

Client Needs

The full package: design, development, user-flow, sales funnels, video shooting, … But most importantly, a platform for her online courses. She has a clean, main website with subtle animations and user interactions. She offers a few freebies on her website or a few one-time purchases. You can also choose to sign-up for her online classrooms for the Money School or Boss Bitch.

The online course platform is integrated and completely managed through her personal website. For payments and user-management inside the platform, we have an integration with Infusionsoft by Keep. Users can purchase multiple courses with their same account and each course get fluently added to their dashboard.

nicole lapin boss school presentation nicole lapin red carpet

What we did

We mainly did development for this project. Together with Night Owls Interactive, who took care of all the rest. The Nicole Lapin website is equipped with subtle animations throughout the entire website. The animations are fast and won’t bother the user experience. When you’re scrolling fast or slow, animations won’t block your scrolling ability.

We love animation! But we also love User Experience. Looking at a beautiful website but getting bored because of slow loading times or you’re scrolling behavior gets blocked just makes you angry. (or is it just something we have?). Because of this, our animations will mostly come in the form of subtle touches to the design or to improve user interactions on the website.

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