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Science For Humanity

The worlds best human presence, Movement and heartbeat Detection System in all vehicles and its loads. Sciense For Humanity

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Today, traffickers are hiding people in vehicles to get them across borders and into countries illegally. In addition, there is an increasing demand for entrance/exit security in prisons, critical infrastructures, and military compounds.

The new website for S4H – Science for Humanity was custom build on WordPress and hosted on their own servers. The website is completely customizable by the client.

A little easter-egg in the download section is that it’s only visible to users who’ve created an account. Everyone can register an account, but the admins have the choice to accept or decline users. Only accepted users are able to log in and download certain files from the website.


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Science for Humanity did not ask for a revamped logo, but we threw in a few examples that would work better with the new website. The result: They loved it and even implemented it in their new demo movies.

The rest of the website is tight & clean. Except for the blue and the orange accent, there aren’t any other colors introduced. Most pages run on a white background starting of with a blue header.

The Project

The project was build for another digital agency: BUT Digital. I’ve worked for the company before as a freelancer and we can now team up for different types of digital products. While BUT Global is more focused on the VR scene, Weichie focuses more on e-Commerce and Website experiences. Because this project needed to be built on WordPress, BUT Global reached out to us. This gives our work a more international touch!

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