Thasos Group Project — Weichie: High Quality Digital

Thasos Group

By converting real-time location data from mobile phones into actionable information, Thasos Group increases transparency into businesses, markets, and economies worldwide.

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This project was made in-house for Night Owls.

A website that needed to be delivered on a very tight deadline. I still remember the all-nighters we pulled for this one. I loved every minute of it and it was a great experience for me. Both the teamwork on our side (at Night Owls) as the close collaboration with the Thasos Group team as well.

Thasos Group is a very international company, which sometimes made the deadlines on updates very close. If an update needs to be live before a conference in China or the UK, I need to make sure it’s possible taking into account I’m sometimes located in New York or Brussels. Weird or not, I liked the international weird-hour deadlines.


Development & maintenance