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Bob Weichler

About us.

An enthusiastic, result-oriented, international, and hardworking digital agency in Brussels. We serve a lot of international clients and have team members in New York and Brussels. Thanks to our Brussels location we are a solid partner for European organizations who need help with their digital projects.

We mostly specialize in web design and development projects like websites, eCommerce, SEO and often applications. Both from A to Z: wireframing to deployment as à la cart services like logos, branding, bug-fixes, or SEO updates. Building solid digital foundations for your project is essential in our work-flow. It will serve as fuel to power our future SEO and Marketing strategies. Or simply come-in handy if you want to expand over time.

Looking for a new website or webshop? Feel free to get in touch! We’ll help you guide your idea and vision in the digital world!

Bob Weichler
meet... me

Bob Weichler

Principal at Weichie

Founder & Creative Director at Weichie, a Brussels based creative, technology and e-commerce optimization agency for extraordinary brands. I leverage my vast experience in creativity, technology and business to help brands stand out in the digital world.

I partner with brands and people to help them grow & scale their online visibility. We will cover a broad range of topics including SaaS products, platform or CMS selection, headless solutions, creative and content. Need a new website, webshop or looking to upgrade your current, old website? We’ve got your back!

We work with other founders, freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs to help solve business problems and challenges.

Fun fact: ranks #200.000 globally on the Alexa Ranking!

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Meet the team.

The one's who got my back when in need, depending on the requirements of your project.

  • Chief Technical OfficerYannick Van Meerbeeck
  • UX DesignerEdward Park
  • UI/UX DesignerBram Rutten