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Bob Weichler

About us.

An enthusiastic, result-oriented, international, and hardworking digital agency in Brussels. The most members of your team are based in Belgium, and we have a few extra designers and developers in New York and London when we need an extra hand.

We mostly specialize in Web Design projects like websites, eCommerce, and applications. Both from A to Z: wireframing to deployment as à la cart services like logos, branding, bug-fixes, or SEO updates. Building solid digital foundations for your project is essential in our work-flow. It will serve as fuel to power our future SEO and Marketing strategies.

Looking for a new website or webshop? Feel free to get in touch! We’ll help you guide your idea and vision in the digital world.

Bob Weichler
bob weichler coding at weichie in brussels
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Bob Weichler

Founder, Frontend developer

I’m an enthusiastic web developer from Belgium. Dutch speaking but lived in New York for two years while working for Night Owl Interactive, to make myself fluent in English. Started out as a full-stack developer and quickly figured out that the front-end world has too many interesting things that require my full attention.

Since I started as a contractor I figured there is much more to a website than just design & development. We pay much attention to subtle animations, performance, security, and deployments to make sure we can maintain and upgrade your website with ease in the future. jumped on SEO & SEA as well making us rank #200.000 globally on the Alexa Ranking!

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Meet the team.

The one's who got my back when in need, depending on the requirements of your project.

  • Chief Technical OfficerYannick Van Meerbeeck
  • UI/UX DesignerBram Rutten
  • UX DesignerEdward Park