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A young energetic Digital Agency in Brussels

Bob Weichler

About us.

An enthusiastic, result-oriented, international, and hardworking digital agency in Brussels. The most members of your team are based in Belgium, and we have a few extra designers and developers in New York and London when we need an extra hand.

We mostly specialize in Web Design projects like websites, eCommerce, and applications. Both from A to Z: wireframing to deployment as à la cart services like logos, branding, bug-fixes, or SEO updates. Building solid digital foundations for your project is essential in our work-flow. It will serve as fuel to power our future SEO and Marketing strategies.

Looking for a new website or webshop? Feel free to get in touch! We’ll help you guide your idea and vision in the digital world.

Bob Weichler

Meet the team.

  • FounderBob Weichler
  • Chief Technical OfficerYannick Van Meerbeeck
  • UI/UX DesignerBram Rutten
  • UX DesignerEdward Park