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EUBAC is the voice of European manufacturers in the home & building automation sector

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EUBAC is the voice of European manufacturers in the home & building automation sector. Their vision is a world where everyone lives in buildings that are smart, decarbonized, and efficient.

We helped them with the content migration from their old website to the new one and implemented better filters on their documents and events. Page loading time is reduced to a minimum and


Website migration, WordPress development



The EUBAC mission

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to achieve global climate objectives
  2. Boosting the digital transformation of building infrastructure and fostering economic growth and employment
  3. Empowering occupants, building owners and operators to cut energy costs while improving comfort and well-being
  4. Tackling energy poverty by facilitating access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable technology

Showcasing the EUBAC members

EU.BAC has a great number of active members that deserve a spot on the website. We created a member grid that shows the logo & country at a glance, and the grid folds open when you want to read more information about the company.

The grid information is completely made out of ajax-calls. Making the initial page load faster, as only the logos and countries are displayed on the website. Clicking on a member will retrieve the additional information about that member from the database and inserts it on the website underneath the card you’ve clicked.

What we did

For EU.BAC we made a complete migration from an old CMS to the latest WordPress version. Custom-themed for the needs of the organization and a tailor-made WordPress back-office without page-builders. Revamping an outdated website to a new design for the next few decades.

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