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Get Presto

Presto is an online cash register for your sports- or youth organization. Your menus are loaded within a few seconds and you’re all set and ready to go under 2 minutes!

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This is a side project that belongs under WeichieProjects.

This one is built together with friend and colleague Yannick. He took all the back-end api functions for his watch. I took the branding and the front-end for me. A project I can be truly be proud off! Started as a small project for my own boy-scout group and rapidly gained attention from other organizations.

I still remember the good times, working in this project during our college university lectures. Whooops… But you know a developer can’t be stopped once he gets the idea in his head.

The project is now used by 50+ organizations, for a flat fee of €10/usage.


Development, Maintenance & Branding