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Kroton provides a realistic view of the financial situation of your company companies. Their team organizes your accounting and provides you with specialized tax advice.

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Did anyone say that accountancy websites were boring? We changed that! Together with Kantoor Kolos, Weichie created a beautiful new website for Kroton.

Kroton is an accountancy & tax accounting company with 2 locations in Belgium. You don’t want to worry about your financial situation, you want to be an entrepreneur. Their experienced team is passionate about numbers and goes for personal guidance with mutual trust.

They analyze the processed accounting documents and translate the figures into a clear language. Tailor-made advice specifically for your needs.


Web Development, maintenance



Meet the Kroton Team

The varied team of Kroton consists of spicy young to well-aged wines where the customer always finds what he likes. Everyone has their own expertise: from versatile accountants-tax specialists and file managers to supporting colleagues who do not shy away from a financial transaction in Exact Online.

Websites with a twist!

As said before, not all accountancy websites need to be boring! We create professional corporate websites with a subtle twist to stand out strongly in the digital world. Slick animations, faster loading times, smooth page transitions, … we’ve got you covered.

What we did

We mainly did development for this project. The branding and design for this website were taken care of by Kantoor Kolos from Mechelen. The Kroton website is equipped with subtle animations throughout the entire website and leans to a corporate website style. The animations are fast and won’t bother the user experience.

We love animation and performance! But we also love User Experience. Looking at a beautiful website but getting bored because of slow loading times or you’re scrolling behavior gets blocked just makes you angry. (or is it just something we have?). Because of this, our animations will mostly come in the form of subtle touches to the design or to improve user interactions on the website.

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