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Send a Slack message whenever a Bitbucket pipeline fails

Bitbucket pipelines are an amazing tool! You can automate everything that goes into deploying a new website or application. It helps you streamline your go-live process. Also, it’s a breeze for your co-workers to add updates to existing projects. When everything is set up alright, you only have a sea of green successfully built pipelines […]

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ACF Google Map Integration Using Vanilla JavaScript

When it comes to developing websites on WordPress, the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin is an invaluable tool. It allows you to easily add and manage custom fields on your website. While the ACF documentation provides comprehensive guidance, it primarily focuses on jQuery, which is included with WordPress by default. But what if you’re working […]

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Simple cURL api connection to GET data from PHP rest API

Need to connect data from an API to your website using WordPress or any other PHP-based CMS? With a cURL (client URL) method, it’s easy to GET and POST data. We already covered a more in-depth solution in our previous cURL API POST/GET/PUT/DELETE with PHP article, but I would also like to give you a […]

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