Gravity Forms  x  ClickUp

Transform your Gravity Forms into ClickUp tasks – Simple and Efficient.

With the’s Gravity Form to ClickUp for WordPress plugin, it becomes easier than ever to convert your Gravity Forms entries into tasks in ClickUp. Automate your workflow and save time by creating tasks directly from your forms in ClickUp, with the ability to assign assignees and more.

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Gravity Forms  x  ClickUp

With’s Gravity Forms to ClickUp for WordPress, you can instantly convert entries into tasks within ClickUp. Completely free! If you wish to link multiple forms, you can easily upgrade.

Benefits of our Gravity Forms x ClickUp plugin

Simplified Process, Enhanced Productivity

With our plugin, you can effortlessly set up feeds within Gravity Forms to create tasks in your desired projects and lists in ClickUp. Eliminate manual data entry and minimize errors, while simultaneously streamlining your project management.

Seamless Integration, Unlimited Possibilities

The plugin integrates seamlessly with ClickUp, allowing you to easily synchronize tasks between your forms and your project management system. Moreover, our premium version offers unlimited feeds, enabling you to link all your forms and assign assignees to tasks, all without restrictions.

Affordable and Future-Proof

Our plugin is available for a one-time payment of just €89. With regular updates and future functionalities, such as improved formatting from standard Gravity Forms to ClickUp, our plugin remains relevant and valuable for your workflow. Only linking one feed? That remains free forever!

Exclusively at

Our plugin is exclusively available through We are confident that our solution will transform and enrich your project management, and we look forward to supporting you at every step of your journey.

Make the Leap to Efficiency

Transform your project management today with’s Gravity Form to ClickUp plugin. Simplify your processes, boost your productivity, and grow your business. Discover the power of automation and integration – try it now!