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eCommerce Webdesign Services Brussels
Mobile eCommerce Services Brussels

eCommerce Agency in Brussels

Accelerating business growth for forward-thinking brands with strategic eCommerce solutions.

Developing relationships with consumers requires branded interactions that excite users and give them a reason to keep coming back. We craft digital experiences with thoughtful design and smart technology to immerse users into your brand’s unique story. The result? Building meaningful relationships and lasting engagement.

Whether you have a shop with only a few products or offer thousands of products, we will make sure your clients won’t get lost! Linking monthly subscriptions, user portals, referral bonuses, loyalty programs, gift cards, … eCommerce comes with a lot of new opportunities.

We follow up with on-going support and consulting to maximize your profitability. Our strategy is designed specifically to optimize and scale e-commerce brands.

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  • Creative Design

    Our specialized professionals ensure that your project runs smoothly according to the rules of the art.

  • Fast & efficient

    Performance has more impact on your website than you might think. It is important for user experience and has a great impact on SEO.

  • Not your average agency

    Weichie acts as a strategic partner to your brand and we align ourselves with your business goals to tell your brand’s story and drive growth.

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Web Design Agency Brussels

We create personalized digital experiences for your eCommerce business. Standing out from the competition with web design, Omni channels and growth optimization. Our core services are very much focused on what we do best — helping your brand communicate in the digital world!

  • Customer Experience & Web Design

    From first impression to checkout

    Our team will collaborate with you to elevate your eCommerce store to another level. Forward-thinking strategies, UX audits, SEO & behavior analytics to produce on-brand solutions. Turn one-time shoppers into life-long customers.

    • UX Audits
    • User-flow
    • Visual Design
    • Creative Directions
    • Branding & Strategy
    • Prototyping
    • Style Guides
    • Customer Research
  • Technology & Web Development

    Our eCommerce Stack

    Not all webshops require the same technology. Based on your needs we’ll assist in your choice between Shopify (Plus), Woocommerce, Drupal Commerce, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Yotpo and many others. We’ll work alongside your team to come up with creative strategies that adapt to your reality.

    • Web Development
    • Platform Evaluation
    • Shopify Development
    • Tech-stack (headless, VueJS, SPA, Mobile App, …)
    • Suitable CMS integration
    • Replatform & Migrations
    • Solution Architecture
    • Omnichannel Strategy
    • API Integrations to connect with external platforms
  • Content Creation & SEO Strategy

    Helping D2C brands grow in the digital world

    Beautifully designed webshops need engaging and impactful content. From lifestyle and product photography to brand videos and copywriting. Weichie delivers on-brand and high-quality content to engage with your audience.

    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Social Media Campaigns
    • Facebook & Instagram Shop
    • Translations
    • Content Strategy
    • SEO Keyword research & planning
    • SEO Competition Analytis
  • Automation, Optimization & Support

    Simplifying processes and improving ROI

    Running an eCommerce business can be a handful. We can further automate integrations with memberships, subscriptions, shipping partners, campaigns and much more. Improving the return on investment for pureplay and omnichannel retailers.

    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Automate Platform Synchronization
    • Email Marketing Strategies
    • Marketing Automation & funnels
    • Analytics & Heatmapping
    • Google Tag Manager / Facebook Pixel / Google Ads / Shopify Statistics / …
    • Web Design & Development Support
    • Web Consulting

eCommerce Value

  • Shopify Agency

    Weichie provides best-in-class Shopify (Plus) development, design, conversion rate optimization and user-experience design services.

  • Sales Pages

    Single product sales pages or temporary sales funnels. We make sure your products are presented online at their best.

  • Marketing Automation

    eCommerce comes with a lot of bells and whistles. Luckily, there are many tools to automatically keep track of all the things you're now doing manually.

Let's work together

Our eCommerce Game Plan

Together we'll find the best digital solution for your business.

  • 1
    Web Design SEO Strategy

    Planning & Strategy

    Every webshop has its own eCommerce strategy and platform. Meet us in our Brussels office or we can come to you. We’ll brainstorm together and dive deeper into your business to learn more about your goals.

    • Kickoff meeting
    • Brainstorm cloud
    • Choosing the right platform
    • Integration & Partner planning
    • Checkout process
    • Sitemap & Content mapping
    • Timeline planning
  • 2
    Web Designer Edward Park

    Web Design & Development

    Our designers will craft on-brand and pixel perfect wireframes, optimized for conversions on both desktop and mobile, prior to breaking ground on development. The developer will work side by side with the designer to make sure everything is done perfectly.

    We follow best practices for SEO, page speed, cross-device compatibility, usability, and development pipelines.

    • UX/UI design mockups
    • WordPress / Drupal Commerce / Shopify development
    • GDPR & Anysurfer testing
    • SEO & page speed optimization
    • Data migration
    • API integrations
      • Shipping Partners
      • Transactional Emails
      • Payment Gateway
  • 3
    eCommerce Deployment Process

    Deployment & Support

    During development, your project is already visible on a private Weichie development shop. This way you can follow the progress on your project and give feedback when necessary.

    Launching a new eCommerce store often comes with a lot of chaos. We’re here to make sure you can relax while your webshop is going live!

    • Demo shop
    • QA testing
    • Deployment to live environment
    • DNS & caching setup
    • 301 redirect setup
    • Omnichannel setup
    • Publish to social media stores
  • 4
    eCommerce SEO Growth Optimization

    Growth & SEO Optimization

    Our agency acts as a strategic partner for long term business growth. We’ll monitor analytics and webshop performance to ensure your brand is growing. Our team will align with your goals, design/development support, website updates, SEO strategies and email marketing.

    • Marketing automation
    • Monthly support and maintenance
    • Analytics, security, and performance reporting
    • SEO strategies & follow-up
    • Agency Consulting

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