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API Integrations

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Want to expand your current website or app with custom integrations? I’ll make your platform communicate with third-party services like email automation, payment services, customer feedback or any other API you might need.

Custom applications can quickly become too advanced and expensive. Integrations with other platforms can be the perfect solution for you. We can use an online excel sheet as a database for example. Why would you reinvent the wheel? If a restaurant is already happy with the current reservation program it’s already using, Weichie can make a smooth, white label integration with the online website, for example.

Integrations can also entail the implementation of Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager. I’m certified for both, so let me know if you need a hand. I’ll be happy to show you around how I’ve set it up on my personal website.



I write cURL tutorials on my blog and they help up to 20.000 other developers around the world with integrating their API’s.

PHP / Javascript

PHP / Javascript

I’ll integrate external services with your application in the way that will work best for your project.



I’ll test your API integrations in a safe-sandbox environment to make sure everything keeps working as expected.

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