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SEO Marketing agency in Brussels

Accelerating business growth with correct and smart SEO keyword targeting. Increasing your ROI the right way!

You know what it’s about – Search Engine Optimization – Ranking higher in Google! A big term in the website industry and by all means… one of the biggest players in online marketing. What’s the point of having a beautifully designed website with only a few visitors each month?

The power of a website is just that anyone can find you, 24/7! Search Engine Optimization is a slow but steady way to increase the traffic flow to your website. It’s a different but strong way to promote your business.

We offer SEO kick-starters and long-term ROI for your website. Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t boost you to #1 in a week. We use our kick-starter to make the technical side of your website ready for Search Engine Optimization!

Discover our SEO kick-starter

  • Creative Strategies

    By keeping eye on your competition, we can suggest creative SEO strategies that will benefit your brand.

  • Digital Marketing

    While SEO is a slow, long-term process, we can boost your results by launching same keyword marketing campaigns for your brand.

  • Not your average agency

    Weichie acts as a strategic partner to your brand, aligning ourselves with your business goals to tell your brand’s story, and drive growth.

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Web Design Agency Brussels

We don’t just “do SEO”, we create flawless content strategies for forward-thinking brands. The online marketplace is amazing, but also one of the most competitive ones. We are passionate about what we do best — growing your business in the digital world!

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  • SEO Kickstarter

    Prepare your website for the SEO adventure of the century!

    Already have a website? We need to make sure it’s ready to handle correct SEO targeting. The base of a successful marketing strategy starts with a solid website. The kick-starter covers all basic aspects of a website… But you’d be surprised how many websites still fail.

    • Sitemap Analysis
    • URL structures
    • Cornerstone content
    • Pagespeed tests
    • Page & Post Type setup
  • Competition Analysis

    It’s not all fun and games… Unless you like some competition!

    SEO is a very competitive but serious business. We dive deeper into your business to find your core values and what distinguishes you from your competitors. You can’t go head-on with giants like Amazon, Zalando or, but we can play it smart 😉

    • Keyword Tracking
    • Market Position Analysis
    • Optimizing Page & Product Feeds
    • Setting our Search Engine Optimization Goals
    • Competition Comparison & Tracking
  • Content Creation & SEO Strategy

    Strong, meaningful content that actually helps your customers.

    No one is helped with mass-content creation on your website. Not you, not your website, not your customers. We’ll create thoughtful content that will actually help and intrigue your visitors. Triggering interaction or an intent to purchase, subscribe or revisit your website.

    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Professional Copywriting
    • Translations
    • Content Strategy
    • SEO Keyword research & planning
    • SEO Competition Analysis
  • Optimization & Progress Tracking

    Consulting, follow up and on-going support to maximize the ROI

    SEO is a slow but powerful process. We’ll stick to the game-plan and follow up on our SEO target goals. Seeing the traffic flow on your website grow is one of the best feelings in the world. We’re a passionate digital agency in Brussels, and we’ll be more than happy to share our enthusiasm with you!

    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Email Marketing Strategies
    • Analytics & Heatmapping
    • Tracking Website Issues
    • Google Tag Manager / Facebook Pixel
    • Keyword Position Follow up

Related works

SEO Values

  • SEO Kickstarter

    Not sure whether your website is ready for SEO and Marketing investments? We provide SEO kickstart services that will solve all SEO bad practices on your current website.

  • Optimised Content

    Analyzing the correct search terms and keywords, together with the search volumes and competition level will make your website more visible in the Google Results without making technical changes.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Depending on your SEO goals, competition level, and your needs, we come up with an SEO game-plan that will adapt to your reality.

Let's work together

Our SEO Process

Together we'll create a strong game-plan for your marketing targets.
We want to make sure you find the best SEO company for your business!

  • 1
    Web Design SEO Strategy

    Planning & Strategy

    Blindly invest in SEO isn’t a smart move. It needs a well-structured planning to make sure we receive the results you want.

    • Kickoff meeting
    • Market research
    • Cornerstone content creation
    • Defining strong & thin pages on your website
  • 2
    seo competition analysis

    Competition Analysis & Goals

    Ranking on keywords is a competitive business. We need to set realistic goals with high values to increase click-through rates and intriguing visitors to visit your website and well… purchase something.

    • Competitor market research
    • Keyword competition listing
    • Local, on-site or off-site strategy
    • Setting realistic goals for short- & long term
  • 3
    Web Design Migration

    Game Plan & Execution

    To make sure we’re not wasting money on the wrong resources we need a solid game-plan. There are many ways to increase the ranking score of your website. Not every solution works well for everyone.

    • Compare possible SEO strategies
    • Kick-starter
    • Sitemap & content (re)mapping
    • Professional copywriting
    • Publishing
    • Timeline planning
  • 4
    seo follow up and growth

    Growth & Follow up

    Weichie keeps track of the changes to make sure they’re lining up with your goals. We’ll respond correctly to the results and monitor analytics to make sure your brand is growing.

    • Monthly support
    • Result Reporting
    • Consulting
    • Strategy & brainstorm
    • planning for the future

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