Terms of Service

Brower Support

The following browsers are browsers that update themselves, so-called “Evergreen Browsers”. Following browsers will be supported for every website:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer 11 will also be supported, but there may be graphical imperfections (eg the lack of web fonts or animations). Internet Explorer for example does not support svg-animation or clipping paths.

Older browsers, such as IE10, IE9 & Mobile IE9 (Windows Phone 7.5), will not be supported by default. Support for those specific browsers is possible on request.

Hosting & Deployment

In the development phase of your project, your website/app will be running on a WeichieProjects server. This makes the setup and development easier for me.

When we’re closer to the launch date, I’ll setup your personal server with a staging-version and a ‘live’ version. If you already have a current website, I’ll also create and ‘old’ version for your website. Just in case we still want to consult some content of the old site.

After launching your website, you should only care about your live site. The staging environment is mostly for me. It’s my playground version of your website, to test new features and updates before pushing them to the live site. You can check up on those updates on the staging site first as well. To make sure the update went as expected, before the rest of the world will see it.

It is possible to remain on a WeichieProjects server as well. This gives me more flexibility for maintenances, backups & security.


After launching your new website, you will receive 14 days of free support. I believe that the launch of the new website will bring enough stress for you already, so I’ll make sure you don’t need to worry about the performance of your website.

I’m confident my product will be stable enough to handle the launch. But if we find last-minute bugs I’m there for you!

International Payments

If you or your company is based outside of Belgium, wire-transfer is the only accepted payment method. Based on your country of origin, additional service fees from the bank might be charged.

All pricings on my proposals will be in € / EUR / Euro. Based on your country of origin, I’ll include a currency exchange for your currency on the proposal as well. Those will be based on a Google Exchange Rate from the date the invoice was last revised. My invoices will be in € / EUR / Euro. If you prefer an invoice in the currency of your country, I’ll add a copy of the original invoice, with the currency you requested.

In case I owe you money for a service or product, your invoice must include my VAT number in order to be valid.

Bank fees for currency exchange or international wire transfer will be included in my invoice. If I ordered a service or a product from you, I will take those charges for my account.