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Jumping into 2018 with a brand new portfolio

Jumping into 2018 with a brand new portfolio

Geupdate op februari 5, 2024

During the Christmas holidays I had a few days off at work so I thought… This is the perfect moment to redo my personal website! With all the new things I’ve learned during my internship last year, I was pretty excited to challenge myself. I’m pretty happy with my results and I hope I could impress you as well!


Wireframing as a non-designer

I don’t like designing that much. I love to code front-end stuff, as long as someone else can provide me with designs. For my personal project I gathered some inspiration through Pinterest and websites from other digital agencies. I search for the elements I want to style, like the header, footer, about page, … and combine the things I think will look good.

I do make quick wireframes of the elements I can find, to make sure I won’t forget how I had it in mind. But there is a high chance I won’t follow my designs when I’m actually coding my project. It’s like a sort of fallback when I’m out of new inspiration and forgot how I had it planned before.

My home office

My luxury office

When I’m not in the office at work but just at home, my dream office quickly changes to something far less pleasant. I don’t have a table or chair in my tiny room. So when I’m working from home, I need to sit on my bed or use the bedside table as desk. The internet at home is also one big joke.

But I do love my work, and definitely when it is for my own portfolio. So I don’t mind my luxury lifestyle. I can order some Starbucks and some takeaway nacho’s and I’m good to go all night! On a side note: I redid my whole website within a week and I’m very satisfied with my results. I hope my minimalistic, yet professional looking (I hope) new portfolio could impress you too!

I think it’s safe to say that my new website is powered by WordPress, PJAX, coffee and nacho’s.

Running on nacho

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