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Same digital agency, different Brussels location

Same digital agency, different Brussels location

Updated on February 15, 2024

We’re moving! New year, new location as a new chapter begins for our digital agency. has moved offices to the vibrant city center of Brussels, leaving behind our beloved Botanic Tower for the charismatic “Oude Graanmarkt!

From WeWork to our own space

Our agency started out at a WeWork co-working space. Personally, I feel like WeWork is super nice to get your agency started and grow your business. I joined WeWork while freelancing. After half a year, I hired our first full-time employee and upgraded to a 2-people private office at WeWork.

Our partner Yannick joined full-time soon after, but he remained working remotely almost 100% of the time. No need to upgrade our office to a bigger space just yet, but time flew by as we accepted a few interns along the way. We started to see that a bigger office wouldn’t be an unnecessary luxury after all.

Upgrading once again to a three-person office it was. That’s the power and flexibility of being a WeWork member. It didn’t take us much time once we were at the 3-person office until we onboarded our fourth employee. And as you could guess… our office became too small once again.

Our exciting new home

I requested a quote from WeWork for a 4 or 6 people office. But the prices that came back, weren’t that straightforward anymore. The price range we ended up for those office spaces, was competing against prices for our own private space.

A private space means we can do whatever we like without WeWork rules. There are no dirty dishes or crowded lunch areas anymore, no monthly fire drills, and no full fridges, … We didn’t really participate in the WeWork community events either as they are mostly held during the working day.

This made us look around for other office spaces, no longer at WeWork. We loved WeWork and I still do, but the new place we came across is unbeatable.

Our new office space opens room for us to grow, without requesting new upgrade quotes from WeWork every few months. This new space will set our agency up for solid, future growth for at least the next three years.

Come by and have a look!

We’re now located at “Oude Graanmarkt 6”. Right in the bustling city center of Brussels. Even better, we’re renting the top floor of the “Otomat” restaurant chain. The office still needs to grow but we have cold drinks, coffee, and tea available if you want to visit us! We’re more than happy to show you around.

Currently, this is only the part that is finished. We’ll put up a TV and a brainstorming table soon! Next up is to decorate the second room as well with a nice meeting table and lounge area.

What does this mean for our Clients?

We’re now located in the city center, which makes us super accessible by public transport. For clients or partners who prefer to meet by car, there is street parking and underground parking available with less than a 5-minute walk to our location. Just bear in mind that traffic in Brussels is not so nice.

With this new office, we have room for growth and we can better invest in ourselves. We can analyze our agency and see where we can improve our services to ensure our clients get the best web agency we can be for them. A digital partner that is energetic, motivated, not scared of challenges, and enthusiastic about all the projects our clients do.

Plans and expectations

We moved our office to this new location as it perfectly reflects our young entrepreneurial spirit. Sharing the building with the Otomat pizzeria makes this adventure even better! As mentioned we’re still setting up our new office but one thing is for sure: we’re moving in the right direction.

Thank you all!

A heartfelt thank you to WeWork for being a stepping stone in our growth, to our clients for trusting us in our formative years, and to our partners, freelancers, and collaborators who have been integral in crafting digital wonders.

Our biggest gratitude goes to our dedicated team, whose passion in web development and design is the cornerstone of

Here’s to many more years of innovation, growth, and digital excellence! Cheers.

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