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SEO for Restaurants, is there a difference?

SEO for Restaurants, is there a difference?

Updated on February 5, 2024

Are you looking for the best SEO company that can improve the Google rankings of your restaurant? The restaurant industry is extremely competitive, even without all the online activity we have today. You’re busy making sure your customers are enjoying the atmosphere and food at your establishment but the digital game for restaurants is even harder.

We will cook up some strategies to help your eatery stand out in the digital world. A clear target and some fresh content are the best marketing strategies.

SEO Marketing for restaurants

Is there much difference with ‘normal’ SEO when you do SEO for restaurants? No there is not. All you need is good keyword targeting and informative, original content that will intrigue your audience. The recipe for a successful SEO campaign is the same but with a focus on location and food.

What do we mean by the same SEO recipe? You need to do the same tasks for drafting out a strong SEO strategy, no matter if it’s for a restaurant, a real-estate business, or a car wash. First things first, make sure your website is easily editable and mobile-friendly. I will repeat it a few more times in this article, but otherwise, you’re wasting your efforts.

To get started you need good keyword research, make sure you know where the opportunities are and where the keyword gaps are with your competitors. You probably also need local targets for Google Maps, reviews to increase your map ranking, a strong backlink profile, and fun, qualitative, up-to-date content.

How can restaurants invest in SEO?

There are a lot of different options on how you could invest in SEO, each requiring a specific budget or time commitment. Some tasks, like keeping your website’s key information up-to-date, actively engaging on social media, and maintaining your Google Maps Business Profile, are manageable in-house with a bit of dedication. However, for more delicate aspects, you might consider hiring a professional to ensure everything is executed perfectly.

This involves not just updating your online presence but also engaging with customer reviews and ensuring your listing details are consistent across various platforms. Investing in your website is also critical. A mobile-friendly design and fast loading times are not just about user experience; they are factors that search engines consider when ranking your site. Regularly updating your site with fresh content, like blog posts about menu specials or community events, can significantly boost your SEO.

Remember, SEO is not just about attracting traffic; it’s about drawing the right audience to your restaurant. Regular SEO audits can help identify areas for improvement, ensuring your investment is not just a cost, but a crucial strategy of your restaurant’s growth.

Social Media for restaurants

Instagram, facebook, TikTok, … Besides images and videos you now also have the famous “Shorts”. Which are short videos of you doing something unique or giving your audience an original peek behind the scenes. You need to make sure you give them a unique view of your business, that’s fun to watch and engaging.

Having a fun social media profile increases the chances people will engage with your brand, click through to your website, or share your posts with their friends.

Email Marketing for restaurants

Engaging with your customers extends beyond the walls of your eatery. Many touchpoints, such as reservation processes or digital receipts, offer a golden opportunity to connect deeper by inviting customers to opt-in to your newsletter. By incorporating a simple subscription checkbox, you turn routine interactions into gateways for ongoing communication.

Leverage this connection by celebrating special occasions like birthdays with exclusive offers, updating them on the latest menu innovations or establishment news, and delighting them with unexpected deals. The key to a successful email marketing strategy lies in personalization – crafting offers that resonate on an individual level.

Some good restaurant email marketing ideas: Birthday offers, seasonal menus, and specials, loyalty program invitations, exclusive events or tastings, behind-the-scenes insights, and feedback/review requests, …

The power of Google Maps

Google Maps is indispensable for a restaurant business. Many people search for restaurants through Google Maps. Either to discover your unique diner or to find contact details, opening hours, pictures of the food or interior, customer reviews, … The most obvious one is also to offer route guidance from their location to your place.

Securing a robust backlink profile is a cornerstone of SEO success, and this holds true for the culinary world as well. The more external websites link to yours, the better. You can share incredible recipes of your food with the rest of the world and hope other websites will pick it up and write about it, but for restaurants, there are a few additional tricks.

You can benefit from online directories and platforms, such as Yelp, Google Maps, and Uber Eats, to not only enhance visibility but also direct traffic back to your site. Expand your online presence by ensuring your establishment is discoverable on tourist-centric apps like TripAdvisor, and seek recommendations from local accommodations, positioning your eatery as a top dining destination for travelers.

Collaborate with influencers and food bloggers who resonate with your brand. By inviting them to experience what your restaurant has to offer, their shared experiences on social media and personal blogs can serve as compelling endorsements.

Don’t overlook opportunities to get featured on platforms like Airbnb Experiences or to garner mentions on booking sites like Each digital nod towards your restaurant not only enhances your SEO but also cements your status as a must-visit locale in your area.

Tips to score backlinks for your restaurant: Host or sponsor local events or press releases to share news about your restaurant’s unique offerings or special events.

9 tips to improve SEO for your restaurant website

Here are 9 SEO tips for your restaurant you can try to tackle right away. If you need any digital assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love SEO!

  • Correct translations & Hreflangs: A lot of restaurant websites are multilingual, but only of few of them are doing it right. Make sure your href-lang tags are set up correctly.
  • Quality Images: Use quality images on your website to have a professional digital presence
  • Online reservation tool: Nowadays it’s very important to offer easy online reservation options through your website
  • Have multiple pages: I know… a one-page is nice and all if you don’t have much content. But for SEO, you should create a few additional pages for contact, about, menu, gallery, …
  • Get listed in online directories: Give a shot at getting listed by Airbnb, TripAdvisor or food/travel blogs
  • A Google My Business profile: An up-to-date & complete business profile is gold!
  • Invest in reviews from your customers
  • Spend some dedicated time on your social media game

A final note for your restaurant website

Regular updates! Keep your website content fresh, and regularly update your menu, opening hours, and news to keep your site relevant.

You don’t need to spend hours on your website to increase your rankings. Make sure your website shows the correct information, is mobile-friendly, and gets some fresh content now and then. You’ll already be way ahead of the others.

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