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Top 10 Impressive Ecommerce designs

Top 10 Impressive Ecommerce designs

Updated on November 9, 2023

Websites are a passion for a digital agency. We kept a list of all rememberable ecommerce websites we came across the past month to keep in mind.

10. Clothing Brand Website (concept)

Homepage design mockup by Dibas Sarkar on Dribble. Bummer it is just concept design and not a live store. I would love to see it in action or animated, but the mockup is fancy enough to join my inspiration list.

The website itself is not always clear to me, but my focus here is on the animations. The page transitions are smooth and fast and the single pages have scrolling interactions as well, like parallax and moving text. The Category section with the hovering images is also a nice plus.

A very classy store from a very classy man. I didn’t expect anything less from the artist and musician Stromae. Fancy hero slider and smooth responses to user interactions.

Sold for the animated homepage-hero and the way the navigation transforms to a sticky-nav on scroll. The shop has an original way to navigate through the product collections and the single-product page is exceptionally minimal.

A beautiful Adidas sneaker collection website. Smooth page distorted transitions when navigating through the different types of shoes. The website doesn’t have much content, so the overall web animation really lift the project for me.

On this website it’s the homepage again that makes me fall in love with it. The home-slider on scroll is super smooth and the transition effect is just brilliant. If you navigate through the website and scroll on the product pages, all animations are just spot-on!

Simple, clean, beautiful. Not a lot of content, but subtle animations on page navigation and even on cursor-location. This project also has an interesting choice for shopping cart icons and

A well done digital experience! From loading screen to page-scroll and image sliders. Very, very fancy. Maybe a little overwhelming at some points, but still performant.

Impressive homepage. Impressive catalog menu. Impressive single product page. Impressive performance. A brilliant webshop design.

My all time favourite webshop. Original homepage effect and beautiful product shots. Performance on point, but the loading screen can be a little annoying on slow internet connections. Anyway, I really love the simplicity of the website and the amazingly clean and minimal animations. A winner for me!

Looking back at this collection of beautiful webshops, I do believe front-end development is a different kind of art. The possibilities that we can do with headless storefronts and animation libraries like GSAP and threejs are promising for all future ecommerce stores.

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