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The internet never sleeps and the advantage of a website or a webshop is that it runs 24/7… But what’s the point of having a beautiful website when no one can find it? We make sure your website is not only amazing for your customers, but that also Google and other search engines love your site! The online world is a competitive one, and so are we!

It’s safe to say 2020 has been quite sucky and forced many to radically shift to online retail. This led to the rise of SEO this year and made SEO the top priority marketing.

You have digital marketing options like Google Adwords, Fyber, and social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, … But we’ll dig deeper into the reasons why organic traffic with SEO will give you a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

When Corona struck, with the lockdown and the cancellation of major sport events, everyone moved their marketing budgets from television and billboards to online. Most companies expected budget cuts but would love to remain the same goals.

Because no one knows how long this pandemic will remain, SEO is a perfect solution for the long run.

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SEO: The best long-term solution

SEO is all about the Return on Investment (ROI). There are no shortcuts to SEO and the best way for me to explain this to you is by a small story. Let’s say you and your competitor both decided to go to the gym. You go to the gym only once a week, while your competitor goes three times a week. Who will get the best results?

Exactly. The one who is going three times a week. Or the same visa versa, when you go three times a week you’ll get better results than someone who is going only one time a week.

This is just a quick example, SEO strategies are more complex than that. But I hope it helped you see the basics of SEO and how you should invest in Search Engine Optimization. Going to the gym for only a month, won’t give you the same results as someone who is going consistently each month.

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SEO versus Digital Marketing

SEO and Digital Marketing are both comparable, yet totally different. Let’s go back to my previous gym example but ignore the fact we need rest days or could get injured. Going to the gym 24/7 will give you instant results, while going only 2 hours every other day will get you slower results. But those results are ‘healthier’. With the ‘healthier’ part I mean that when you stop investing in SEO, you will still see your results. Over time they will fade away as well of course.

When you start to market your content on specific keywords, you’ll reach the top in Google almost immediately. When your campaign period is over, you will lose all visibility again. With SEO, you get there a few months later, but stopping with SEO updates will keep you where you left off.

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Get a higher ranking on Google

We are addicted to Search Engine Optimization. No really, we do… And I’m sure you will be too when you see what organic outreach can get you. We’re passionate about what we do best and are happy to guide you on your way to a greater organic reach!

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    When you don’t know where to start and you’re not seeing the Google rankings and the success you want in your business, we’re here to help!

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    During the call, talk about your goals. Before you hang up, you’ll have the outline of a strategy and game-plan that is adapted to your reality.

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    Start generating more traffic and more interest in your business. We’ll follow-up closely with you and our changes to make sure we get the results you wanted!

Custom SEO strategies that work for your business

Not every business is the same, not everyone has the same goals and definitely not everyone has the same competitors. When you start investing in SEO, it’s important to keep an eye on the competition. Maybe your biggest competitor for specific keywords or goals isn’t the company you where thinking of.

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SEO tips straight from our blog

The web helps live and breathe. We guarantee that our SEO strategies will deliver real results for our clients and are always here to help and advise.

SEO KICKSTARTER €1000 (One Time Fee)

Congratulations, you’ve launched your website! Now, let’s talk about SEO. Sure, it’s great to look at, but it doesn’t do you much good when no one can find it. Our SEO strategy KickStart package serves as a guarantor to make sure you are all set to start investing in Search Engine Optimization.

  • Keyword Research
  • Implement Analytics
  • Create XML Sitemap
  • Add ALT Tags
  • Correct use of Title Tags
  • Improve Meta Content
  • Improve Introductions
  • Google Maps visibility
  • 303/301 Redirect
  • Restructure Page URLs
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Content relationships

Price is based on a 5-10 page website.

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